Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cave Theology

David was running from Saul. God had removed every support system from His life. Now the giant-killer was cowering in a cave. The Crown Prince of Israel hiding like a fearful boy scout in Adullam. Read Psalm 142 for a picture of his despair. Elijah had just called down fire from heaven, trouncing Baal and beheading his prophets. Yet in the very next scene he is afraid of the retaliation of a pagan princess named Jezebel, who couldn't have been more than 90 lbs. soaking wet. Where do we find him? High-tailing it out of the country to a cave in Horeb. Two of God's greatest warriors--a man after His own heart, and the prophet of fire--both sulked in a cave of fear and failure. Eventually, both men emerged from their respective caves and conquered. 

Two-thousand years ago it looked as if Jesus was a total failure. His disciples scattered and the people rejected Him as He hung on a Cross. When He finally gave up the ghost, His body was wrapped like a mummy and put in a cave. A heavy stone was rolled over the mouth of the unused tomb, sending the message that no one was getting in or out. Yet, three days later Jesus emerged from the cave, victorious over death. 

Caves are where God does some of His best work. Are you in a proverbial cave? A season of personal failure? Perhaps your cave looks like a failed marriage, unemployment, financial straights, or a physical infirmity. Don't miss this opportunity because its in those places of darkness and solitude that God resurrects dead things.

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